Beltronics Isolation Transformer is a multi shielded transformer exhibiting low capacitance between primary and secondary windings. Ultra Isolation transformer is effective for isolating sensitive equipment and attenuating common mode noise generated by power consuming sources. It is enclosed in an attractive enclosure which is compatible with modern office decor.

  • Ratio : 1:1
  • Dielectic Strength : Primary to Secondary and core 2500V rms
  • Load Regulation : 4%
  • Insulation Resistance : Above 1000 Megohms
  • Interwinding Capacitance : .005 pF Max.
  • Common Mode Noise Attenuation : 130 dB
  • Input Voltage : 230 ± 10%
  • Efficiency : 94%

Connection Diagram
--> SHIELD S1 is the Primary Shield and is connected to Ground.

--> SHIELD S2 is the secondary shield and is not connected to ground.

--> This shield may or may not be connected to ground as desired by the actual user. It is however recommended that the output shield S2 should be connected to a separate ground.

--> The two end plates can be removed to provide access to the input and output terminal boards. The end plates are each held in position by two screws and have knockouts for entry. Replace the end plates after completing the input and output connections.