Online UPS
1PH in 1PH Online UPS(1KVA to 10KVA)
  • Double Conversion On-Line UPS
  • Tower Convertible Design
  • Unity Input Power Factor
  • Double Conversion On-Line Technology
  • Complete Protection Circuitry
  • Easy Swappable Battery
  • User Friendly Display
  • Matching Battery Cabinet
  • Smart Battery Management
  • Customer Options Slot
  • Optional Automatic & Manual Bypass
3PH in 1PH Online UPS(5KVA to 40KVA)
  • True double conversion online UPS
  • Adopted IGBT and output Transformer for isolation
  • Wide Input Voltage Range
  • User-friendly digital LCD display
  • Cold Start Function
  • Internal Galvanic Isolation Transformer
  • Paralleling Possible.
  • (H ex-Series (10-150KVA)
  • IGBT Rectifier
  • DSP basis numerical control
  • Power Factor Correction (0, 99 input PF)
  • Active Harmonic Correction (<3% input )
  • Wide Input Voltage Range
  • Generator Compatible Operation
  • Evolution and redundancy guaranteed by Parallel Systems
  • Smart Battery Charge System
  • Synchronization Capability with external sources
  • Static and Manual Bypass
  • Optional Galvanic isolation transformer and
  • special Voltage application Options
  • Communication with computers and network
  • systems with SNMP availability
  • Expandable battery blocks
  • Low installation and operating costs
  • Expansion
3PH in 3PH Online UPS(5KVA to 60KVA)
  • True on-line dual conversion design.
  • Pure Sine Wave Output- reliable and constant.
  • Built -in Galvanic isolation Transformer to isolate all power problems .
  • True sine wave output with less than 3% THD.
  • An Extra Wide Input Voltage Control Generator compatible.
  • Audible warning alarms.
  • All necessary Protections like Short Circuit, Thermal, Battery Low/High, Mains high/low,output high/low, overload
  • Six Pulse Charger ,Charging current settable for higher back up.
  • Efficiency > 85 % a >
  • Static bypass switch (optional).
  • Web, SNMP and Telnet Monitoring (optional)